FAQ for our Maintenance & Support Plans (MSP)


Maintenance & Support Plan

What is a Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP)?

An active Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) ensures that you will always have the latest build of the software. You will receive every new build, feature, enhancement and improvement for your licensed software, ensuring you're always using the most current technology.

You will also have access to our technical support personnel and our support ticketing system.

When you purchase a new software license (or upgrade from a prior one) you receive six months of MSP.

Why is a Maintenance & Support Plan (MSP) a good value ?

Maintenance is "upgrade insurance" to be sure that you have the up-to-the-minute software. The Maintenance & Support Plan includes:

  • Access to all minor and major upgrades for your product free of charge.
  • Web update to easily download up-to-the-minute updates. Updates are released on a regular basis, or immediately when the need arises.
  • Access to technical email or fax support from our software development team of structural engineers. Send all inquiries to support@enercalc.com or fax to 949-645-3881. Always include your "KW" registration number.
  • When a problem is too difficult to describe or totally unknown we will request a remote screen sharing session so that we can diagnose the issue with you directly on your computer.

What happens if I don't renew my Maintenance & Support Plan? (MSP)

When you don't renew, you are indicating that you are satisfied with the way the software performs on that day and need no further updates, corrections, enhancements to the software, or technical assistance from ENERCALC.

Maintenance and Support Plans cannot be renewed if they have been expired for 24 months or longer.

ENERCALC policies on renewing Maintenance and Support Plans are subject to change and renewal may or may not be available in the future.